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The Science of Psychotherapy

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Feb 14, 2020

This Foundations of Mirroring Hands for Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists is the complete video introduction to Mirroring Hands by the worlds leading expert Richard Hill. This is a 6 hour certificate course.

Follow this discount link until the end of February 2020 for $30 off this course! ($97 until the end of Feb when the price reverts to $127)

This program is of value to all mental health practitioners including lay practitioners and those seeking self-development. Mirroring Hands is a therapeutic practice that utilizes focused attention to create a state in the client where they are able to process both explicit and implicit experience simultaneously. The practice has emerged from the non-directive hypnotherapeutic style of Milton Erickson, that have been developed since Erickson's death in 1980 by Ernest Rossi.

It is a rapid and gentle form of therapy where the client and the therapist are able to co-create a deep insight into what lies beneath the presenting problem. It is also an approach to therapy that can be applied to all modalities. Client-responsiveness is generated through language styles, a heightened sensitivity of observation and a curiosity for the meanings that can emerge spontaneously in response to our natural human capacity to recover from illness, be it physical and/or mental. The videos include numerous demonstrations and recordings from workshops. The program has a gentle balance of theory and practice.