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The Science of Psychotherapy

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Oct 8, 2018

Today we talk with therapist Kate Cohen-Posey as she addresses topics such as

  • Why speaking in anger makes people temporarily insane and stupid!
  • How does a knowledge of the refractory period encourages clients to use active listening?
  • How understanding the ventral vagal social engagement system encourages clients to change their tone of voice.

  • Why should people with social phobia do better knowing about the default mode network?

  • What is the neuroscience basis for distraction techniques?

  • What is the connection between adrenalin and automatic negative thoughts?

Kate Cohen-Posey, MS LMHC LMFT, is a licensed mental health counselor and marriage & family therapist who has been in practice since 1973. She treats adolescents, adults, families & relationships using an integrative approach to counseling including: behavioral, cognitive, somatic, emotional focus, brainspotting, picture gazing and more. Some of her talks include —”Neuroscience for Clinicians;” “Brain Switch: turn reactivity into resiliency,” “When they go low, we go High.” You can find out more about Kate at Talking Helps Us.