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The Science of Psychotherapy

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Aug 27, 2018

Our special guest is Dan Siegel, M.D., who many will know as one of the pioneers of interpersonal neurobiology. We discuss his new book, Aware: The Science and Practice of Presence (TarcherPerigee), that is out now, worldwide. The conversation covers a lot of ground from how the book got its title, his practice, the Wheel of Awareness, and an in-depth look at the science that underlies his work. We spend a little time discussing how we can engage an understanding of the science of quantum physics in something as human as our human experience of kindness and love.

Our conversation was so fascinating that it occupies most of the podcast, but we will get to some of the fascinating questions you are sending in. You can also open a conversation in the comments section below. For connection to occur we need to take an action – just like the action potential of a neuron.

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Dan Siegel interview on The Neuropsychotherapist

Dan Siegel "Spotlight" interview on The Neuropsychotherapist