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The Science of Psychotherapy

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Oct 28, 2019

Our magazine will often highlight an individual in a short piece we call a Spotlight. In this episode we put the spotlight on a remarkable neuropsychotherapist, Agostinho d'Almeida.


Agostinho d’Almeida began his journey toward neuropsychotherapy in the late 1960’s studying in Portugal, USA and Spain across wide range of disciplines, but always with a desire to understand the nature of being human. He is the founder and a director of the Milton Erickson Institute of Portugal (North) and has been on the Board of NeuroCenter and IEA – Universcool. He made a major contribution as Assistant Professor of Psychology, Sociology and Criminology at ISMAI - Instituto Superior da Maia. He is published in the filed of Criminology. He is currently working toward setting up an educational framework embracing the Portuguese and Spanish speaking neuropsychotherapy communities across the globe and integrating with the existing frameworks in Australia and North America.


The Erickson Institute in Porto:


Dr. Dave course on resilience:


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